Ku`u Lei Awapuhi - by Abbie Kong

Lei `awapuhi ku`u lei ia lâ
Ahe lei ahi`hi kau po`ohiwi

Ke `ala onaona a `oia pua lâ
A neia pu`uwai e hi`ipoi nei

Uluwehi i ka luna a`o Nu`uanu lâ
I ka ho`opê `ia e ka ua noe

Pulu wau i ka ua hô`eha `ili lâ
Mea `ole na`e ia a ku`u mana`o

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana lâ
Lei `awapuhi ku`u lei

Ginger lei, it's my lei
An evening lei that rests on my shoulders

The sweet fragrance of that flower
Is cherished in my heart

Verdant in the heights of Nuuanu
It is drenched by the misty rain

I am soaked in the skin-stinging rain
But this is nothing, to my way of thinking

The story is told
The ginger lei is my lei

Source: Baker collection - Translator unknown