Mahina Mâlamalama (Bright Moonlight) - Words & Music by Maile Kaleikoa


He aloha ka liko `âhihi
Ke `ala nahe i ka poli
`O ka mea loko e li`a nei
E kui me ka`u manai

Ka`u `ia e li`a nei
Mahina mâlamalama
Ke `ike aku `oe i ka hi`ona
A he nani ka `ili pu`uwai

Mea`ole ke anu i ka mana`o
Ka `iniki i ka pu`uwai
Me he `ala a e `i mai ana
E ho`i mäua e pili

A he kula loa iho ia
E noke ai `oe a kena
A lawa pono ko makemake
Ka nene`e a ka lau na`e na`e

Dearly loved is the bud of the `ahihi
Its fragrance appeals to the heart
This thought that comes to me
Is to string on my needle

This always appeals to me
The bright light of the moon
When you see its features
Its beauty fills your heart

I care nothing for the cold
That pinches at my heart
A voice seemed to say
That we should always be together

We have a long way to go
To find the sweetness of love
All that one can wish for
Here among the fragrant shrubbery


Source: Johnny Noble's Collection - Mary Pukui's notes indentified the composer as John Meha. This information was from Milla Peterson who says about 80 years ago, John was in love with Milla's mother's sister, but her father did not approve. They eloped on a beautiful moonlight night and this mele was composed in memory of that night. 3rd verse from Pukui collection. Translated by Mary Pukui.