Mai Nuha Mai `Oe (Don't Sulk) - by Charles E. King

Ahe aha hoi nei pilikia nui, e ku`u lei

`Ae hô`ike mai hoi `oe, e ku`u lei

Mai no `oe huna i a`u e ku`u lei

Wiki mai `oe ho`olohilohi nei e ke aloha e

Mai a`o `oe i ka mili apa e ku`u lei

Ahe pilikia hoi ko laila, e ku`u lei

Kohu `ole `oe kê nuha mai, e ke aloha e

`Eu leu `ae wiki mai hoi `oe

Mai nuha mai `oe
Mai nuha mai `oe

Tell me, oh please tell me
just what’s wrong to day, my little one
Oh don’t hide, oh please don’t hide
just what’s on your mind, my little one
Do confide in me and do not hesitate
My little one

Hurry please, for I must know
just what the trouble is, precious little one

Let’s be happy once again and let’s forget,
my little one
Hand in hand let’s wander down
old lover’s lane,
my little one
Dry those tears and let me see your
sweet winning smile, charming little one
Let me hold you and caress you
in these loving arms
Oh, don’t sulk my dear please,
Don’t sulk little one

Source: Kings’s Blue Book of Hawaiian Melodies Copyright 1945 by Charles E. King