Nâ Pua Lei `Ilima - Words by Abbey Palea, music by Kau`i Zuttermeister

Nani wale nâ pua lei ka `ilima
`O ka u`i ho`oheno o Kâkuhihewa

Ho`ohihi ka mana`o lâ i laila
Nâ pua lei `ilima e kaulana nei

Kûlana hiehie me ka hanohano
Ha`aheo i ka maka ke `ike aku

Kaulana nâ pua lei ka `ilima
Ke kikowaena o nâ `ailana

`Ohu`ohu wale a`i nâ malihini
Ka nani kaulana poina `ole

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Nâ pua lei `ilima e kaulana nei


Beautiful is the wreath of `ilima blossoms
An adornment of Kakuhihewa that is cherished

My thoughts are forever captured by
The blossoms of lei ilima, so famous
Outstanding, regal and elegant
It is magnificent to the eye
Famous are the blossoms of lei ilima
That represent the capitol of our islands 
Honored guests are bedecked (with leis)
Famed is the beauty, never to be forgotten
Tell the refrain
Of the famous wreaths of `ilima


Source: Lani Kaleiki, daughter of Louise Kaleiki and grandaughter of Isaia Kaleiki ( born in Pukaiki, Ni`ihau in 1908) - This mele was composed by Abbey Palea, Louise Kaleiki's cousin from Ni`ihau. Abbey Palea gave it to a family member, who traveled to Honolulu and passed it on to her friend who worked for the Department of Parks and Recreation. Kaui Zuttermeister was teaching hula at the Parks and Recreation, and was given the mele to set to music. It remained in her possesion and was soon recorded. No copyright was applied for and unfortunately, Abbey Palea's name was lost and not given the credit. Translator unknown