Maori Brown Eyes - Claude K. Malani and John Noble

On an island in the Pacific
Lives a lovely Maori belle
She has eyes that shine like the starlight
And to all the world I’ll gladly say

Beautiful, oh what beautiful Maori eyes
Beautiful, eyes that I love to idolize
Soon I’ll be returning
To a dream come true
Oh my sweetheart
Maori brown eyes I love you

Two bright stars ku`u beautiful Maori eyes
Two bright stars ku`u maka aloha `ia
Huli aku wau a loa`a
Ki ino wau a ako
Ku`u ipo Maori brown eyes ona ona


Source: Copyright 1942, 70 EMI Miller Catalog Inc - The composer spent time down under and was inspired to write this song for his wife. He thought her eyes were like those of the Polynesian people of New Zealand