Tailgate Jam - Bryan Kessler & Wade Cambern

Braddah gets up early
Before the rising sun
Time with his baby
That he's been countin' on
Everything he`s gonna need
Is piled in the van
Drop what your`re doin' there's a
Tailgate Jam

Sister and the children
Up late the night before
And now when Braddah's waiting
They can't get out the door
Grab your shoes
Your guitar, too
Pile in the van
Drop what you're doin', there's a
Tailgate Jam

Leave your worries far behind
Listen to the child in you this time

So ends the story
Of the Tailgate Jam
But Braddah's job not over
'Til he unloads the van
It's nothing new
He's happy to
Do it all again
Me ke aloha
Tailgate Jam
At the Tailgate Jam

Source: Hawaiian Style Band CD