To You Sweetheart, Aloha - Words & Music by Harry Owens


To you sweetheart, aloha
Aloha from the bottom of my heart
Keep the smile on your lips
Brush the tears from your eyes
One more aloha
And it's time for goodbye
To you sweetheart, aloha
In dreams I'll be with you dear tonight
And I'll pray for the day
When we two will meet again
Until then sweetheart, aloha


Source: Sweet Leilani by Harry Owens - March of 1955, the composer made his first trip to the South Pacific. Stopping at Suva, Fiji, he addressed a large group from Australia and played some of his compositions. His rendition of "Sweet Leilani" was greeted with indifference. Expecting no response to the next song, he was overwhelmed when someone insisted he play it as a march. With loud stomping of feet and rhythmic hand clapping, the entire group marched around the room in military formation. "To You, Sweetheart, Aloha" was a standard classic marching song for the troops from Down Under and almost as popular as "Waltzing Matilda". Copyright Royal Music Publisher, 447 Ilimanu Street, Kailua, HI. 96734