Waipi`o - Mekia Kealaka`i, George Allen, Charles Hopkins

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`O kau hana mau no ia
`O ka ho`okipa i ke aloha
A na`u i ho`oheno mua
Ka makani `o Laulani
He inoa keia no Waipi`o
`O Kahalelauokekoa
I puia i ke `ala
Onaona i ke ihu

E ka i`a hamau leo
E hi`ipoi malie nei
I ka mea kameha`i
O ua `âina nei
It has always been your way
To be hospitable and welcoming
I found favor once before
With the wind of Laulani
This song is for Waipi`o
A tribute to Kahalelauokekoa
Fragrance fills the air
So sweet and pleasing 
The pearl oysters
Held so dear
Are wonderous creautres
From this region


Source: Mekia, (major in Hawaiian), one of 13 children, was the son of a sergeant major. Born in Honolulu, Oct. 15, 1867, he died at Waipahu on March 29, 1944. At age 12, he was send to reform school for truancy and became a pupil of Henri Berger, the Royal Hawaiian Bandmaster. Within 3 years, he became a good trombonist, an even better flutist and was admitted to the Royal Hawaiian Band, at age 15. His ability and talent to compose was so developed, it was said he could compose on the spot, by request. Some credit this mele to George Allen, others to Charles Hopkins, but all agree on Mekia Kealakai. Translated by Kamehameha HSI. This was written for Kahalelauokekoa, the daughter of John Papa I`i and the family home at Waipi`o, O`ahu. Music clip by Lani Lee