NYSC Alumni Association
Spring/Summer 1996 Newsletter

Reunion/Business Meeting '96 - Chicago

The third annual NYSCAA Reunion/Business meeting will be held in Chicago from Thursday, August 15 through Sunday, August 18 at the Hampton Inn/O'Hare. "Official" events are planned for Friday and Saturday.


The tentative agenda for the weekend is:

  • Thursday evening - Fly/dirve/bus/walk/crawl into Chicago. Random get-togethers, pool party(?), dinner on your own.
  • Friday morning - Business meeting - brainstorming and committee sessions.
  • Friday afternoon - Lunch on your own in groups. Travel downtown, possible stops: Museum of Science and Industry (cool Jurassic Park exhibit), the Field Museum (Natural History), the Adler Planetarium, the Aquarium (with 200 people, we can "sleep with the fishes"), the Art Institute (fantastic China exhibit from Taiwan).
  • Friday evening - Dinner on your own in groups. Suggestions: Chinatown? Steakhouse? Trip to blues/jazz club? Return to Hampton Inn in evening for talking, singing, etc.
  • Saturday morning - General business meeting - elections, voting on future meetings, goals, etc.
  • Saturday afternoon - Lunch on your own in groups. Free time for things you didn't get to do on Friday.
  • Saturday evening - NYSCAA Dinner (included with registration).
  • Sunday morning - Goodbye breakfast and then...
    Whatever. Go home. Or stay in Chicago; it's a great place for a vacation.


The Reunion site is the Hampton Inn/O'Hare. Rooom prices are $71 for a single and $77 for a double/triple/quad. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available., and there is a nice outdoor pool. The hotel is 2.5 miles from O'Hare Airport/terminur of the "el" (the elevated train), about 25 minutes from downtown. El fare is approx. $1.50. There is a free shuttle which runs frequently between the hotel/airport. (If you will have a car and are willing to serve as "back-up" shuttle service, please let us know.)

If you fly into Midway airport, you will need to

  1. Have a rental car
  2. Get a ride with someone (volunteers?)
  3. Take the train downtown; transfer to another; go to O'Hare; shuttle
  4. Taxi (quite expensive, maybe $35-40 one way)
  5. Bus (highly unrecommeded)

We have "reserved" 25 rooms, which the hotel will hold through July 24. If we need more, we can get them, but WE NEED TO DO THIS ASAP. PLEASE, if you know you're coming, make your reservations right away so we don't run out of rooms. Summer in Chicago is very busy, and the Democratic Nat'l Convention is less than two weeks later. Rooms will be hard/impossible to find if you don't book early.

Roommate Matching

The hotel will not do this. You will need to find roommates in advance; if you can't scare some up, or have no friends, we graciously volunteer to try to help. Naturally, first come, first served. if experience from previous reunions is any guide, people desireing to be matched with roommates will do well to contact us sooner rather than later. We'll attempt to honor preferences, but no guarantees. Neither NYSC nor we will handle any money or confirm the matches; you will need to do this after we provide the names/phone #'s. Please use email, if possible.


We would like to use email for frequent updates (maybe twice weekly) on the status of the reunion, including lists of registered attendees. In the past, several people have told us that they would have gone to a reunion, had they only known that their friend, XXXXX, was there. If you only want a couple of emails, with the most important info, also please advise. Send email to crinker@surgery.bsd.uchicago.edu.

Reunion Contacts

Win Schaeffer (KY76) and Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer (OH82)
5608 South Maryland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637
Email: crinker@surgery.bsd.uchicago.edu

Please feel free to email, write, or call us with suggestions. We hope to see you in Chicago this summer.

P.S. For those of you who are single and looking, please be aware that we met at the 1983 reunion.

1996-97 National Alumni Association Elections

Following in the tradition established last year, we're ready for our second national NYSCAA elections. This year's candidates are all excellent; we're lucky to have such a great pool of alumni to choose from. However, you'll notice that there is only one name beside each slated office, reflecting our difficutly in finding people to run for office. In fact, we're still looking for someone to fill the position of secretary. (See "Candidate for Secretary" below to find out how to volunteer for this job, if you are interested.) As you read the position descriptions, we hope you'll think about how you might fill one of these roles in the future.

  • President-elect - The president coordinates all NYSCAA activities. President is a 3-year term; the first year as president-elect (liaison to the alumni), the second year as President (liaison to the NYSF) and the third year as past-president (liaison to the NYSC Director). The president may not serve consecutive terms.

  • Secretary - The secretary serves a 1-year term and is responsible for taking minutes at annual business and BOA meetings, producing the NYSCAA newsletters, and producing and receiving any other official correspondence. The secretary may serve consecutive terms.

  • Treasurer - The treasurer serves a 1-year term and is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all NYSCAA monies, establishing a proposed budget, and providing annual financial reports to the NYSCAA. The treasurer may serve consecutive terms.

The President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer must be dues-paying, delegate-alumni.

  • Board of Advisors (BOA) (2 Open Positions) - Members of the BOA serve a 3-year term and are responsible for setting NYSCAA policy and advising the executive officers. BOA shall meet at least once a year prior to the annual Business Meeting. BOA members may not serve consecutive terms. BOA members must be dues-paying NYSCAA members.

Please see the ballot for information on how to cast your votes. [Sent via postal mail. --Ed]

1995-96 NYSCAA Officer Candidates


Catherine L. Perry
Delegate year: SD 87; Stap year(s): 88

Hi, I'm back! Ready to try again for the position of President-elect. Quite a few things have changed since last year, ultimately leading to me having more free time to do grat things for the NYSCAA.

I was a camper in the green hills of West Virginia in 1987, coming from the Black Hills of South Dakota. I returned to West Virginia in 1988 as a counselor, happily leading troops on the North Fork H*ll Hike, not just once, but twice. Camp was a great place with a great group of people, and the NYSCAA is really a wonderful way to try and keep those Camp connections alive.

Beyond camp, I received my BA in Chemistry from Oberlin College. I'm right in the middle of finishing my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University. Time to enter the real world, so, I will be working as a Product Applications Engineer at Tencor Instruments out here in sunny California!

My goals for the NYSCAA are pretty simple... increase the number of regional activities that occur, especially out here on the West Coast far away from WV. I'd also like to really get started on that NYSCAA home page on the World Wide Web. And, I'd like to hear other alum's ideas and spend some of my new found extra energy and extree free time doing what I can for the NYSCAA!!


At press time, we had not yet found a candidate for this position. If you are interested in this office or know of someone who might be, please contact Michelle Clauson SD85 at 703-573-7910 or mclauson@aol.com.


Richard Wynne
Delegate year: KY 82; Staph year(s): 84

After "graduating" from NYSC in 1982 (as a Kentucky delegate), I was fortunate enough to make a return visit on staph in 1984. I was also unfortunate enough to dislocate my knee three days after Camp started, prompting an early return to my Old Kentucky Home. That taught me never to mess with the frisbee fields of Pocahontas County!

Since earning my M.A. in Economics in 1988 from the University of Kentucky, I have been employed in a variety of aviation-related capacities; first with an Air Force contractor, then with British Aerospace, and now (for all of three weeks!) with United Airlines here in Chicago. My wife, Catherine, has worked in the health communications field for several years and has recently found a new position in "Chicagoland."

Both of us enjoy hiking and traveling, activities which our free flight privileges on United should enable us to pursue more readily. I began to work with Lisa Crabill last year, familiarizing myself with the roles and responsibilities of the NYSCAA treasurer, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve in that capacity in 1996 and 1997.


Paul Frye
Delegate year: WV 69

I found Science Camp to be a life-changing experience with lessons and friendships I will never forget. The Alumni Association keeps those cross-country and cross-discipline ties alive, and adds a new dimension of time, as we meet Campers who went bfore, and the new minds shpaed by experiences at Camp Pocahontas in the following years. In case current members of NYSCAA want to know about my life outside the Association, five years ago I settled in western Pennsylvania, after living in Ohio and north central West Virginia. Family life, folk guitar and putting microcomputers to practical use are my main interests outside of my career in patient care psychiatry.

The direction I believe our alumni organization should steer toward includes helping Science Camp Alumni get together with people from diverse parts of the country; by contact in person and via communications media, alumni can discover those fellow Campers and Staph with whom they have that distinctive NYSCAA kinship. A major objective of the Board and officers should be to facilitate their time together, sharing intellectual and recreational opportunities. At this point I have a substantial stake in showing that the new governance system ratified in 1995 can make NYSCAA a more viable and responsive organization, because of my participation in several incarnations of the bylaws committees that forged the revised Constitution. You people are special to me, and if it takes time and toil on my part so we can continue to get together, and to make the spirit of Camp last year after year, well, the fact is, I am willing to put in the effort to make NYSCAA function, and hopefully function effectively.

Julie A. Robinson
Delegate year: ID 85; Staph year(s): 88

The strength of the NYSC Alumni Association rests in its ability to link alumni from different years by common career interests, personal interests, or geographic location. I believe that the organization can play a critical and lifelong role by providing a mentoring and information network that will benefit us all. Current efforts to develop and maintain a database on former campers will be of particular use to members as they make academic or other career decisions, or to relocate across the country. Interactions within the group can provide forums for discussion of such issues as selecting locations for graduate study, balancing career and family, difficulties of two-career couples, or challenges particular to men or women in science.

After my experience as a delegate from Idaho in 1985, I had a strong desire for continued involvement with NYSC and served on Staph in 1988. I received bachelors degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Utah State University in 1989, and a Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology from the University of Nevado, Reno in 1996. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Biology Department at the University of Houston. Although my first love is research, I feel very strongly that the greatest achievements made by most scientists are not through their own research, but through the discoveries of the students and young scientists whom they serve as mentors. The NYSC Alumni Association has a powerful potential to guide NYSC programs as well as facilitate the careers of NYSC alumns at all stages of development. I would relish the chance to play an active role in these processes by serving on the Board of Advisors.

Alumni Newsbytes

Once again, we have lots of news to share with you regarding your fellow Science Camp alumns. If you have news to share, please send mail to

NYSC Alumni Association
PO Box 75373
Town Center Station
Charleston, WV 25375

or drop us a note via email at nyscaabio@aol.com.

And while you're at it, why not drop a line or pick up the phone and contact that long-lost Science Camp friend to catch up? If you're looking for someone, we can probaby help you find them--just send us a note or email!


  • Anita Riddle (AZ80), a senior process engineer at Mobil Oil Corporation in Beaumont, TX to Steven P. Schmidt on 11/11/95. Anita is also completing her PhD in chemical engineering at Lamar University.
  • Ian Dunn (OR88) and Karen O'Brien (MA87) on 6/15/96. Karen recently completed her MD at Georgetown University and will be doing a residency at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Ian is completing his PhD in electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Paul Chen (IL88) to Linh Le on 4/28/96. Both recently finished their MD's at Harvard University Medical School, and Paul will be starting his ophthalmology residency at UC-San Francisco in July.
  • Bruce Panilaitis (CT90) and Susan Benson will be married on 8/3/96. Bruce is working on his PhD in biology at Tufts.


  • Thomas Ho (HI66) and wife Laura Loh had their first child, daughter Tabitha on 11/22/95.
  • Steve Lackey (MO74) and wife Laura Elizabeth Bingaman had their first child, Elizabeth Anne on 7/27/95. Steve is an assistant medical director and a family physician with Blue Ridge Health Center in Hendersonville, NC.
  • Raju Madhok (ND77) and wife Ashlesa had their first child, daughter Anjali on 6/3/96. Raju is a dermatologist with Skin Specialists, Ltd. in Minneapolis, MN and also serves as a clinical faculty member at the University of Minnesota.
  • Laura Taschenberg Sitter (MD78) and David Sitter (ND78) had their second child, Andrew David, on 4/11/96. They also have another child, Kathryn Mary. David recently started a new job as a quality assurance manager at Black & Decker in Baltimore, MD.
  • Kathryn Hoy Burgess (CT79; NYSC Director 91-92) and husband Jeff Burgess had their second child, Meredith Rose, on 5/15/96. They also have another daughter, Eleanor Rae.
  • Cynthia Adams (NM80) and Gurpreet Singh had their first child, son Armaan, on 12/13/95. Cynthia is an independent sales representative with Excel Telecommunications, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Richard Wofford (AR81) and wife Brigitte Quelet had a son, Marc Alexandre Wofford on 3/22/96. Richard is a financial actuary with Security Life of Denver, CO.
  • Craig Thulin (UT82) and wife Shauna had their second daughter, Sarah.
  • Kenneth Rosenzweig (NY84) and wife Stacey Berg had their first child, Olivia Hannah, on 1/19/96. Kenneth is a resident in radiation oncology at Harvard University.
  • Tim Roop (SC87) and his wife Katherine L. Metzner had a son, Andrew, in June of 1995. Tim is a laboratory manager/systems administrator with Atlantic LittleNeck ClamFarms in James Island, SC.


  • The NYSC lost a long-time supporter earlier this year. Ernie Mellow passed away on March 13, 1996. Ernie was the husband of Florence Mellow, camp nurse in the early 1980's, and the father of Jane Mellow, former office and Public Information staph from 1982-87. Our deepest condolences to Ernie's family.


  • Kerry Yurewicz (MI90) has been chosen as a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow while pursuing a PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology at the University of Michigan.
  • Ben Sharp (SD92) has been chosen as a Rhodes Scholar and will be at Oxford University beginning this fall. He recently completed his BA in Biology at the University of Chicago.

Pursuing or Recently Completed Terminal Degrees

  • Emily R. Jernberg (IN82) will complete her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan this summer.
  • Julie A. Robinson (ID85) completed her PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology from University of Nevada at Reno this February and is now a Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Texas in Houston.
  • Sharon Fraser (VT86) recently completed her MS in Administration at St. Michael's College.
  • Mark Vaughan (CA87) recently completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and now works as a microwave engineer for Endgate Technology in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Nathalie Viart (France 88) is finishing her PhD in Materials Chemistry at Universite de Strasbourg, &working on sol-gels, studying the theoretical aspects of the sol-gel process as well as some practical applications of the sol-gel synthesis.&


  • Rev. Lee C. Riggs (CT67) is a Pastor at First Baptist Church in Greensburg, IN.
  • Fr. Robert Paul Ring (DE72) is the Director of Priest Personnel for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, NY.
  • Rev. Richard J. Satterthwaite (DE72) is a missionary with Grace Brethren Foreign Missions in Spain.
  • Muriel McLean-Roberson (NC82) is a Minister at the Congregational Church in Aloha, OR.
  • Scott Mims (NC85) is a Divinity student at Lutheran Southern Theological Seminary in Columbia, SC.

Attorneys/Law School/Legal Profession

  • Samuel J. Zeleski (NE67) is an Attorney with Western nebraska Legal Services in Grand Island, NE.
  • James A. McKowen (WV74) is an Associate Legal Counsel with Allen & Allen in Charleston, WV.
  • Kathy Rabin (KS75) is an Attorney specializing in the legal aspects of medicine & bio-medical research.
  • Terri A. Jones Esq. (MD86) is an Attorney/Natural Resources Planner with the Maryland Department of the Environment in Baltimore, MD.
  • Dean Heyl (SD88) recently completed Law School at the University of South Dakota.
  • Angela Rova White (CA89) is a law student at the University of Michign.
  • Stan Thompson (CA91) is a law student at the University of Southern California.
  • Taunya Wright (TN91), a legal assistant in New York City, is applying for Law School. Her father, Dr. Tommy Wright, who lectured at camp in '92 & '93 was named Chief of Statistics for the US Bureau of the Census in Washington, DC.


  • Kathy Jo Knodel (SD79) is a veterinarian in Mooresville, NC.
  • Janice veron Homan (MD81) is a veterinarian at the Seneca Hill Animal Clinic in Great Falls.
  • Marla McFadden Lind (IA86) is a veterinarian at Small Animal Veterinarian and Surgery in Madison, WI.
  • Mary-Beth Nickel (WY86) is a veterinarian in a small animal/exotic animal practice in Tigard, OR.
  • Anndrea Hogan Kapke (IN88) is a veterinarian at Crown point Animal Hospital in Crown Point, IN.
  • Beth Groening (GA88) is a veterinarian with Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills, NC. She completed her DVM at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.


  • John R. Calhoun (LA69) is an associate planner for Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Gary Beecham (WI73) is an artist who makes unique objects of art in glass in Spruce Pine, NC.
  • Maggie Catlin Brandt (WI76) is a Mesopotamian archaeologist who does archaeological work in the Middle East (usually Iraq!) in the winters and runs a farm and apple orchard the rest of the year in Eminence, KY.
  • Dawn Stover (NE78) writes and edits features in her job as an articles editor at Popular Science Magazine in White Salmon, WA.
  • Marie E. Bouffard (VT78) is the owner of Apple Mountain, three retail stores specializing inf Vermont foods and gift items in Burlington, VT.
  • Joyce little DeHaan (ME79) is a horse breeder and homemaker in Rigby, ID.
  • Christine Christman Stueter (NM82) serves in US Air Force Reserves, tutors school kids in English, and is a mom to two children. Her husband flies Tornadoes in the German Air Force.
  • Chris Fullerton (HI86) is the general manager of Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative in Hustontown, PA. He manages an association of 20 family farms producing fruits and vegetables using organic production methods.
  • Amy Kathleen Eko (WA90) is an assistant program coordinator in environmental education for the City of Olympia, WA. She is also pursuing her MS in teaching/environmental studies through Gonzaga University and Evergreen State College.

Please contribute any feedback and updates to Karen R Sabog at kalena@kalena.com.

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