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February 1998 Newsletter

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We want to tell you all about a few things that are happening with regard to the 1998 NYSC in the electronic world.

The official NYSC page has undergone a small update. The online staff application is working, so if you plan to apply, that method is now available at http://wvit.wvnet.edu/nysc/. (The online application deadline is **February 6, 1998**.) Paper staff applications were mailed to 1993-97 alumni with domestic addresses on January 5th, and you can obtain a copy or fax by contacting Director Paul Miller via one of the addresses below.

    Paul M. Miller
    700 Monongalia Ave
    Morgantown, WV 26505
    (304)296-5174 (Fax, Sept-May)

  • Director
    National Youth Science Camp
    PO Box 3387
    Charleston, WV 25333
    (304)342-3326 (Voice)

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