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February 1998 Newsletter

Reunion '98

The NYSC 35th Reunion -- July 3-6, Pocahontas County, West Virginia

Soon, it will be July and we hope you will join us back in West Virginia (the 35th State) at the Reunion celebrating 35 years of NYSC! The exact program is still in the developing stages; in fact we need volunteers to help make the reunion memorable. Families are encouraged to come and activities for all ages will be a part of the event. Be prepared for indoor and outdoor fun! With your help and attendance, we will all enjoy remembering Camp Pocahontas, renewing old friendships, and learning what has been happening in your life. At the 30th reunion in 1993, we had over 200 register so expect this one to be even larger!

Bring memorabilia! Bring a physical attribute of your vocations and avocations. You may wish to bring address labels and a stack of business cards. Just as at camp, music, seminars, and outings will be major parts of the event. And, just as at camp, the exact plan will be a mystery until you arrive! (This is in part because everything is TBA at this point!) So, please volunteer to help. To do so, contact Semele Halkedis (PA86) at shalkedi@notes.cc.bellcore.com (Fax: 215-295-3408, Phone: 215-295-8331) or email nyscalumni@aol.com.

Some of the volunteer tasks we know at this time are:

  • Reunion Coordinator (and/or Co-Coordinators)
  • Transportation/Shuttles
  • Kids Stuff
  • Field Trips
  • Music
  • Roomates/Housing
  • Bill Paying - Money Stuff
  • Food
  • Registrations/Pre-Registrations
  • Site Liaison
  • Camp Liaison
  • Seminar Coordinator
  • Photographers/Documentation
  • Displays - Historical/Archival
  • Camp Store
  • Audiovisual Presentation(s)
  • Entertainment
  • Gofer

Activities will begin Friday, July 3, and continue through Sunday. We expect to offer shuttle service from air and rail terminals at the beginning and end of the reunion. Housing costs vary with accomodation, starting at about $15/night (dorm space) and up to $90+/night. Sleep in your car or tent for less. Continental breakfasts, lunches and two dinners will be included with registration, as well as trips to Camp Allegheny on Saturday and the NYSC on Sunday. Housing options will be provided with the final registration package. Some of the optional trips will have added fees (i.e., Cass, mountain bike rental, Greenbrier luncheon, etc.) There will be T-shirts, etc. in a "The NYSCAA off-camp store." We are sorry to say that we have run out of the WWII insect repellent and sunburn prevention cream, but expect to have other items of equal value.

NYSCAA 35th Anniversary Reunion
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