[National Youth Science Camp Logo] May 2000 Newsletter
The First Newsletter of the Millennium!*
*Yes, we know that some of you believe the Millennium starts in 2001 -- humor us!

NYSCAA Dues Renewal and Donation Form

Your voluntary dues make this newsletter possible and support the organization of the annual Reunion. Thanks to everyone who contributed last year (even though we didn't send out a newsletter to remind you). We appreciate your continued support!

Print out and enclose this form with your donation.

Camper State
& Year:
Staph Year(s):
Web Site:
National Youth Science Camp Alumni Association
Yes, I would like to contribute alumni dues of $35
($10 for 1996-1999 campers).
Make checks payable to: "NYSC Alumni Association"
Also enclosed is my contribution to:
National Youth Science Foundation
Make checks payable to: "National Youth Science Foundation"
Adler Fund
Make checks payable to: "Adler Fund"

Please return to:
NYSC Alumni Association
PO Box 2811
Charleston WV 25330-2811


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