[National Youth Science Camp Logo] May 2000 Newsletter
The First Newsletter of the Millennium!*
*Yes, we know that some of you believe the Millennium starts in 2001 -- humor us!


It's time once again to elect Alumni Association officers: a president-elect, a secretary, a treasurer, and three members of the Board of Advisors. Due to space restrictions, we have only included bios on the position for which we have two candidates, secretary, in this newsletter, since the rest of the ballot has only one candidate per office. We will provide "intro" bios of the other officers in the next newsletter.

Thanks to our outgoing officers, Darcie Boschee (ND87), secretary; Richard Wynne (KY82), treasurer; Ray Rappold (ST74+), Karen O'Brien (MA87), and Jay Baltisberger (ND85), BOA; for their fine service. Paul Shih (MI91) will move from president-elect to president, and Julie Robinson (ID85), Steve Blasberg (CA68), Paul Frye (WV69), and Paul Goodrich (NE69) will continue to serve as BOA members. Due to our "off-schedule" elections, the new officers will take office one week after elections close and serve through 2001 (2003 for president-elect and BOA terms).

To vote, you have 3 options:

  1. Return the paper ballot to
    Michelle Clauson LaRue (SD85)
    12335 Coleraine Court
    Reston, VA 20191

  2. Send an email message with your name, address, camper/staph year and state (to verify your identity and prevent double voting) and your chosen candidates for each office to MichelleLaRue@aol.com or

  3. Call in your vote to Michelle at (703) 453-0449.


Candidates for Secretary:

Mo Shah (PA91)
My name is Maulik Shah (PA '91), although everyone calls me Mo. I grew up near the Philadelphia area, and after graduation and camp I attended Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I graduated with a physics degree, which I promptly threw in the closet and never used again. I moved down to the Washington DC area and I've been there ever since, doing software engineering on a consulting basis in this area. I, like a lot of you, feel that Camp has made a positive contribution in my life. I would like to return some of that in part; that's why I'm offering myself as a candidate for secretary.

Scott Stepenuck (NH92)
I was a camper from New Hampshire in 1992 and on staph from 1993-1996 as Climbing Something-or-other. After graduating from RPI, I accepted a job as a Nuclear Plant Engineer with Lockheed Martin, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. In 1999, I moved to Ballston Spa, NY and married Cynthia Hayward (GA '90, ST '96-98, '00). As far as experience for the secretary position, I was the Executive Secretary of the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association, and served as President, Secretary, and Equipment Chair in the Rensselaer Outing Club while at RPI. Currently I am the equipment chair and "webmaster" for Northeast Mobile Search and Rescue (www.nemsar.org).


President-elect (vote for 1)
__ Erica Umback (SD90)

Secretary (vote for 1)
__ Mo Shah (PA91)
__ Scott Stepenuck (NH92)

Treasurer (vote for 1)
__ Lee Mah (CA89)

Board of Advisors (vote for 3)
__ Jay Blanchard (LA77)
__ Doren Burrell (ST79+)
__ Karen Sabog (HI82)


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