4D Summit 2000: Dave's Big Adventure (Page 1)

This is Dave standing in front of his townhouse in San Jose, California. Rather than fly to San Diego, he prefers to drive. It's the beginning of October, and the weather is perfect in California at that time of year for a road trp.
Dave, like many a young, single, successful 4D guy, drives an expensive foreign sports car. In Dave's case, it's a cherry red Porsche.
California is a big state! Even in a Porsche, it's going to take a while to get to San Diego.
Geting there is half the fun...unless you're going to the 4D Summit! But as with all things in life, Dave makes the most of it. The purr of the engine and the roar of the wind is music to his ears.
Man cannot live on bread alone - not even Dave! He spies a welcoming logo and pulls over.
Simple, honest sustenance. Burger, fries, and cola. Don't bother him, he's eating.
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