4D Summit 2000: Dave's Big Adventure (Page 9)

Dave is surprised to find that the paparazzi are still on his trail! All he wants is to relax and enjoy his meal with his colleagues (John Barrymore and Karen Sabog).
Oh behave! Karen Sabog feeds a strawberry to Stacey Blaney as another patron looks on in shock. Dave knows he'll have to keep an eye on these two.
After dinner, some of the boys step out for a smoke. From left to right: Jon Steele, Ron Dell'Aquila, Rich Gay, Dan Katz, and Dave Dell'Aquila.
The next morning, with the Summit over, Dave sits down for a power breakfast with 4D, Inc. CEO Brendan Coveney and Debbie Brewer, Partner Services Manager. Everyone agrees: the Summit has been a huge success!
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The End!

We hope you have enjoyed this presentation. As you have seen, the 4D Summit is more than just an outstanding opportunity to learn about what's new with 4th Dimension and WebSTAR. It's also one heck of a good time! We hope to see you this year in Orlando, Florida: October 22 through 26.   Click here for details!