4D Summit 2000: Dave's Big Adventure (Page 8)

Summit 2000 attendees were treated to a sneak preview of 4D's upcomig plug-in, Powerview. This year attendees are sure to find much more information on this amazing new product.
While Powerview provided food for thought, the Hotel provided food to eat. Here we see Lars Halvorsen, Dan Katz, and Mister X.
Seen here at lunch, Dave is beginning to feel the strain of the constant media attenion. Back off, man!
Always a treat on the last day of the Summit: Who wants to be an Engineer? The winner receives a free one-year membership in the 4D Partner Program!
Relaxing once again in the Hotel bar, Larry Sharpe shoots a game of pool with the affable Brendan Coveney.
With the Summit winding down, a group of luminaries heads out for one last night on the town. The evening began with a sumptuous meal at a local Italian restaurant.
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