Cummings, Andrew "Andy" K.
BORN: Honolulu, Oahu - Aug. 2, 1913
PARENTS: Lily K. & Joseph E. Cummings
EDUCATION: Kauai High School
MARRIED: Florence K. Ikuwa
CHILDREN: Melvin, Myron, Sam, Andrea, Nancy
  • At Kauai Surf
  • Coconut Island
  • Kanani Mine
  • Magic Moments In Hawaii
  • My Island Paradise



Cunha, Albert, Richard Sonny - the Father of Hapa-Haole songs, popularized the hapa haole song, his legacy to Hawaiian music. This multi talented man, a fine athlete, composed Yale's Boola Boola song, taken from Moanalua Hula. He influenced Johnny Noble, Henry Kailimai and a whole generation of Hawaiian composers.
BORN: Honolulu, Oahu - Oct. 1, 1879
DIED: Honolulu, Oahu - Jan. 23, 1933
PARENTS: Angela Gilliland & Emmanuel
EDUCATION: St. Louis, Punahou - 1897, St. Mary's College, Yale Law School, - 1904
MARRIED: May Williams - July 2, 1910
CHILDREN: May Angela (Ross), Richard Earl
  • Dear Old Honolulu
  • Everybody Hula
  • Hawaiian Girl O' Mine
  • Honolulu Hula Hula Heigh
  • Hula Blues
  • I Wanna Go Back To Honolulu



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