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July 1997 Newsletter

When I Donate Money,
Where Does It Go?

National Youth Science Camp Alumni Association

Your dues contribution will allow us to arrange reunions and send out regular alumni association mailings like this newsletter. (Please note: You don't need to pay dues to belong to the NYSC Alumni Association--all former campers and staph are automatically members. However, mailings like this that keep you up-to-date are expensive! (about $1,800 per newsletter). Please help the NYSCAA out with a contribution.) If you contribute more than the $35 dues payment, the extra amount is tax-deductible (i.e., if you contribute $50, then $15 is tax-deductible). (Make checks payable to: "National Youth Science Camp Alumni Association.")

***SPECIAL NOTE: Anyone who contributes $3 or more over their regular alumni dues will receive an NYSC lapel pin. This is the only pin of its kind - get yours today!!!

National Youth Science Foundation

The National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF) directs all NYSC and MYSC (Mountaineer Youth Science Camp) activities. NYSF annually solicits contributions for funding of camps, expansion programs, and NYSF operating expenses. NYSF has a long-term goal of expanding its programs to include other special camps. Donations to NYSF are tax-deductible. (Make checks payable to: "National Youth Science Foundation.")

Adler Endowment Fund

Established by NYSC alumni, the Adler Fund's objective is the endowment of the operation of the NYSC. Our goal is to be able to use the interest from the Adler Fund as the sole source of funding for camp. The fund currently has about 80,000, but to support camp totally, it must reach close to $3,000,000. Donations to the Adler Fund (which are tax-deductible) will help make NYSC independent ofoutside funding. (Make checks payable to: "Adler Fund.")

Everyone is naturally invited to donate to the Adler fund. Interestingly enough, should you happen to have a bunch of old Microsoft stock you bought in 1973 for $1.00 a share and is now worth $80,000 a share, you can donate the stock to the Adler Endowment fund and receive a write-off of $80,000 per share! Cash, of course, gets the same form of write off, however $80,000 of cash is 80,000 times the investment made in the $1.00 share of Microsoft. IF you don't have stock, this little note is probably pointless to you, but don't worry, you will have stock someday, unless you are stockophobic. NYSF can use money for normal (annual) operations (such as the NYSC...) and can use a direct donation to NYSF as well. SO, you have two options for giving: Either to the NYSF general fund or The Adler Endowment for NYSC. Please help us make our visions reality.

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