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Welcome to the 4th Dimension Networked Users Group (4D NUG) --------------------------------------------------

4D NUG Bids Farewell!

Aloha 4D Netizens,

After 9 years as list mom, I will be shutting down the 4th Dimension Networked Users Group (4D NUG) mailing lists -- 4D Tech, 4D Biz, and 4D Pub -- effective November 23, 2001.

Karen R Sabog
Admin and Founder
4th Dimension Networked Users Group (4D NUG)

more details...

Aloha 4D Netizens!

The 4th Dimension Networked Users Group (4D NUG) provides an Internet forum for users and developers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS (relational and Web database environment for Macintosh and Windows) to exchange ideas and techniques, discuss problems and solutions, swap code fragments, announce 4D jobs and products, and basically help each other out.

This Web site is brought to you and maintained by Karen Sabog -- your volunteer 4D Admin for the 4D Internet resources since 1992.

A huge "Mahalo Nui Loa" (Thank You Very Much) goes out to the following individuals:

  • John Beaulieu of PDM for hosting the 4D Mailing List

  • Brendan Coveney of 4D Inc. (formerly ACI US) for donating a Power Mac G3 Server for the list server hardware

  • Will Mayall of Fog City Software and Garage.com for donating the LetterRip Pro list server software

  • Rich Gay of Linbeck Construction for donating Timbuktu Pro and Rebound, being my backup admin, and his overall generosity and support

  • Dave Batton of DataCraft for donating Rumpus

Brendan, Karen, Rich and Dave
Brendan Coveney, Karen Sabog, Rich Gay and Dave Batton at the 4D Summit 2000 Conference in San Diego (10/7/2000)

Photo of Guy Kawasaki and Karen Sabog
Garage.com CEO Guy Kawasaki (Founder & Former CEO of ACI US, Inc.) and 4D Admin Karen Sabog at Borders Bookstore in Hawaii


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