4D Summit 2000: Dave's Big Adventure (Page 3)

Before blowing town, Dave goes for a cruise up Santa Barbara's main boulevard.
All too soon it's back on the road. Straight off, he is tempted into a little game of chicken with a fellow Porsche owner - right down Santa Claus Lane!
Having blown past his challenger in the silver 911, Dave eases back down to his average speed, seen here in MPH.
A couple of hours later, Dave finds himself on the outskirts of San Diego. He's eager to get his groove on.
Palm trees line the streets as Dave makes his way to the U.S. Grant Hotel, site of the 2000 Summit.
All that driving is thirsty work! After checking in at the hotel, Dave heads to the bar to meet some of his fellow Silicon Valley developers: John Barrymore and Larry Sharpe.
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