4D Summit 2000: Dave's Big Adventure (Page 6)

Once again, Dave is up bright and early, ready to seize the day! He begins by dutifully checking his e-mail, with fellow Silicon Valley 4D Developer Bryan Green on his right.
Sadly, California's legendary blue skies turned to grey, followed by a drizzle which cancelled the planned beach party. Fortunately, 4D Inc. had a backup plan!
The party was instead held at a nearby Air Museum. It made for some impressive photos!
This dynamic duo really should be wearing capes, because they certainly put in a superhuman effort organizing the Summit. Karen Zimmer and Debbie Brewer of 4D, Inc.
The party was a star-studded gala. Seen here are Debbie Schilling, the unstoppable Jeff Kain, and the man who needs no introduction, David Adams.
Party attendees were free to roam the museum, exploring its fine collection of aircraft.
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