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July 1997 Newsletter

Note from the Board of Advisors (BOA)

By Dave Hackleman

The alumni Reunion in Chicago was outstanding! Big round of thanks to Win Schaeffer (KY76) and Carrie Rinker Schaeffer (OH82) for their work. Board of Advisors are Chair: David Hackleman (OR69), Paul Frye (WV69), Julie Robinson (ID85), Kathy Hoy Burgess (CT79), Jay Baltisberger (ND85), Karen O'Brien (MA87), and Ray Rappold (Staph75).

Status of Adler Fund: Thanks to alumni giving, the Adler fund has exceeded $80,000! Were we to tap the interest, 2 campers could go to NYSC just on this fund each year in perpetuity. Join or keep helping raise the endowment and ensure that NYSC will become self-sufficient! David Hackleman had the opportunity to talk to Annie Adler recently, and she expressed grattitude in our giving and rememberance of Izzy. Many of the newer alumni probably don't recognize the name Dr. Isadore Adler. Izzy worked in extraterrestial Geosciences, utilizing remote imaging from satellites. Some of the programs in which he played a major role include the Mariner, Viking, and Voyager missions. Izzy and Annie were quite faithful to camp, committing considerable of their summer to our experience. It is fantastic that we can honor Izzy and Annie by developing the endowment, as Annie is and Izzy was a great believer in the practices and principles of NYSC.

Thanks to alumni giving, the Adler fund has exceeded $80,000! Were we to tap the interest, 2 campers could go to NYSC just on this fund each year in perpetuity.

What is David Hackleman Doing this year? David has taken a year's leave of absence from Hewlett-Packard Company. No, it isn't only to remember how little money one has while going to college (he's not getting a salary...), it is to gather funding for the NYSC and other NYSF programs and work toward attaining permanent funding for the programs. You may send him your comments through his email account: NYSF@IBM.NET (now that should be easy to remember...) You may get a call from him asking for your help in approaching a particular company, foundation, or your ideas on places to seek support. You may get a request to put him up for a day or so while he is in your area to seek support - please offer him your assistance. Some new opportunities for alumni and friends to help support the camp will also be developed.

Reunion: The place: (http://www.turkeycovelodge.com, toll free 1-888-889-9107) The time: 14-17 August Get your reservation in soon!


Although Alumni Dues are always voluntary, you are all welcome to become contributing Alumni of NYSCAA: Alumni dues are $35/year except for 1993-1997alums can pay $10. All dues are currently used for NYSCAA mailings and cash flow at reunions. (Reunions are planned to have no negative impact on the NYSCAA budget.) Join, ask a fellow alumni to join. Everyone can ascribe to our values of education, science, technology and society. Any amount over the basic dues is tax-deductible.

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