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July 1997 Newsletter

1995-96 Financial Report

Upon my assumption of the Treasurer's duties from Lisa Crabill earlier in 1996, the NYSCAA's primary checking account in Charleston contained a balance of $3,347. During the course of the calendar year, a total of $5,984 has been deposited, primarily in the form of membership dues, but also as payment for registration for the 1996 business meeting/reunion in Chicago. In addition, $378 of these deposits consisted of contributions to the National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF) and Adler Fund which were channeled through the NYSCAA (and are not reflected in our final balance).

Disbursements in 1996 since my assumption of duties have totaled $6,377. Approximately $4,500 of this amount covered expenses incurred during the previous fiscal year; either through production of the newsletter, or for expenses from the 1995 Philadelphia meeting/reunion. Another $1,200 was paid to cover direct expenses associated with the Chicago reunion, and $40 was spent to renew the NYSCAA's post office box in Charleston. Finally, $234 was reimbursed to younger NYSC alumni who attended the Chicago reunion; this money was generously donated by alums who wished to partially offset the registration expenses for recent delegates who may not yet be employed, and is reflected in the deposit total noted above.

Accumulated interest during this period has amounted to $29. The Association's final balance, reflecting all known activity through early November 1996, is $2,983. This may not include recent deposits or withdrawals, or any additional interest that may have accrued in the interim. If anyone desires more detailed information on our financial accounts over the past year, or simply has a question, please feel free to call me at 708-763-0019 (PM). Alternatively, drop me an electron or three at rwynne@ual.com.

The NYSCAA has also maintained a secondary checking account for some time. This account was established to provide an auxiliary source of funds in the event of unexpected expenses, as well as to bridge the Association through periods when expenses might be temporarily high (newsletter production, for example). As of early November, the balance in our secondary account stood at $4,073.76. This secondary account was moved into the same financial institution as our primary account in 1997, but will be retained under another account number to ensure a separate supply of auxiliary funds is always available.

Richard A. Wynne (KY82)
Treasurer, NYSCAA

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