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The First Newsletter of the Millennium!*
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Reunion 2000

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BOSTON 2000 -- Mark Your Calendars!

Our annual "location rotation" (West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, South, West Virginia) for the regional reunion takes us back to the East Coast and Boston this summer. At our last meeting in San Francisco, we set August 10-13, 2000 as the weekend for our next reunion. The planning is underway, spearheaded by long-time reunion attendee Judy Engibous (LA82). The reunion headquarters and organized lodging will be Northeastern University, located directly on the E line of the green line MBTA. The dorm we have reserved is right across the street from the T stop. Symphony Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts are each one T stop or a short walk away (in opposite directions); the Prudential Center, with a variety of restaurants and shopping, is two T stops away. More directions will be sent upon registration.

We need to receive registration money (or at least a firm promise) by July 20. To help us plan for space, we would appreciate a tentative headcount by June 15, so that we can free up any space that we won't be using (or ask for more if needed).

Optional Fun Reunion Activity

Boston Duck Tours leads amphibious (the vehicles go onto the Charles River -- fun as well as cool on a hot day) 80-minute tours from the Prudential Center. If we can get 16 or more people, we can get group rates of $17.85 per adult, $9.45 per child as opposed to $22.05/$11.55, including tax, for a Saturday afternoon tour. If you are interested, please let Judy know by July 6 at the absolute latest and enclose a SEPARATE check made out to "NYSC Alumni Association" so that we can refund your money easily if we don't have the group of 16. We will not cash your check until we know if we can get the group rates. These tours sell out quickly in the summer, so besides saving money, it would help to get a tour booked far in advance.

Check out their Web site at www.bostonducktours.com for more information.


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