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May 1998 Newsletter

Reunion '98 Excursions & Activities

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Following are some possible excursions and activites to take place during the reunion. Think about which of these you would like to do; details will be provided when we receive your registration materials.

  • NRAO 1/2 day Trip [45 min.] (Basically this one is almost free, the new giant radio telescope is almost finished)

  • Day or half day hike in local state forest. Options include Falls of Hills Creek, Greenbrier River, many, many trails. Gaudineer Scenic area, Seneca State Forest, Monongahela National Forest, Watoga state park, Beartown state park.

  • Mountain biking (1/2 and full day)

  • Touring biking on local roads (1/2 and full day) (probably using mountain bikes)

  • Rock Climbing [120 min to the good stuff] Probably will be full day.

  • Cranberry Glades Visit [1/2 and full day possible)

  • Spelunking (1/2 and full day possible)

  • Pearl S. Buck Museum and beautiful downtown Marlinton (possible fee)

  • The Greenbrier (full day) (Lunch service and several shops available)

  • Cass Scenic Railroad Day trip (1/2 day) and/or Cass Scenic Railroad Dinner Train

  • Golf (1/2 and full day possible)

  • Civil war battlefields, history tour [al over the county -- expect most of day] Via auto or van, there are six sites and we can go to five, saving the sixth for our official visit as in the program.

  • Horseback Riding (1/2 and full day possible) [15-30 min] ($60/day from lodge) (Will try to work out a deal.)

  • Canoeing/Kayaking (1/2 and full day) [30-190 min]

  • Hardwood Lumber mill tour (1/2 day) [Slatyfork, about 25 min]

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