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May 1998 Newsletter

Reunion '98 Program

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* Day 0: Thursday, 2 July
* Day 1: Friday, 3 July
* Day 2: Saturday, 4 July
* Day 3: Sunday, 5 July
* Day 4: Monday, 6 July
* Day 5: Tuesday, 7 July

Day Zero (0): Thursday, 2 July

Vans, private transportation systems and aquautos (car pools) will converge upon Snowshoe. The hosts (we're trying to book Seven of Nine and Garth Brooks) will offer snacks and a place to sit for all that can after a 2-hour ride on a non-pneumatic wheeled transportation system. Vans will run from local airports and the train station from Noon until late. A cell-phone number will be provided in the return registration packet. This phone will be with the chief logistics manager for the Reunion. You are welcome to use it if you need help anytime from Early Thursday morning 2 July through noon on Tuesday, 7 July.

DINNER will be served at about 7pm. REGISTRATION will be open from Noon through Midnight. Registration may be mobile, and you'll need to find the person with the appropriate identifying feature, which will be specified on another sign. The Internal Reunion Sect (IRS) will be happy to help you with any problem you may be experiencing.

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Day One (1): Friday, 3 July

If you gotta arrive on Friday, special arrangements are needed as we will be using our vans elsewhere! BREAKFAST is at 0630 through 0903 and is continental (must be this continent, because when I went to Europe, they'd never heard of anything like what we serve here!).

OFFICIAL NYSCAA OUTINGS DAY: Day hikes, biking (mountain, hill, and holler), climbing, canoe, kayak, NRAO, Bogs (with alumni botanists), Spelunking, Cass trip, fishing, golph, frisbee, Pearl S. Buck Museum, and a visit to the Greenbrier are all possible. Vote for those you want us to arrange!

LUNCH will be either at the lodge or in a sack depending on your selections (half- or full-day activities). DINNER will be at 7pm and will be buffet style.

After-dinner entertainment is proposed. This will be the OFFICIAL NYSCAA TALENT(?) SHOE. Think up what you'd like to do and bring whatever you deem unavailable on the hilltop. Please bring your musical instrument if it is mobile. There is one piano on the hill; however, we will attempt to bring one decent keyboard as well. At our Seattle reunion in 1994, Cynthia Adams (NM80) even brought a Didjeridu, which proved to be a great deal of fun. We'll even bring Camp Song books along (with guitar chords included).

Since some folks may wish to sleep, the suites are rather sheltered in the room away from the hall. If you have a particular need for sleep or especially quiet conditions, specify on the registration and we'll endeavor to place you away from the maddening crowd. If you want to be in the middle of everything, we'll place you in the rooms closest to our centre'-d-entertainment. Snacks will be out around 9:30 and lights out at 11:00? This means folks can go to some of the suites and stay up until they're thrown out of the room by the inhabitants.

OTHER BUSINESS: BOA/Executive Officers are encouraged to wrap up their agendas in the evening, a nice room will be provided for them (and interested parties may attend).

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Day Two (2): Saturday, 4 July

Continental BREAKFAST at 0630-0903. Board Sleek and Shiny Buses to go to CAMP ALLEGHENY at 10:00. Lunch and short program at this former Confederate Civil War site. Return at 3pm.

AFTERNOON SEMINARS: Location is the conference center. DINNER (Outdoor Bar-B-Q) at 5pm. Open mike night. You are all encouraged to say anything you want to the whole lot of us. Thoughts about NYSC, the future, memories, even the present are welcome. The time available is until dark, and will be no more than about 3 hours (including the time we eat). We'd like to do this and still have time for everyone to speak; hence no person will be given more than 6.28 minutes without approval of the membership. (2-pi for going around a circle). Naturally, folks in New England will be able to present more words than the rest of us.

At precisely dark + 30 minutes, a FIREWORKS display is set outdoors. (Note: OUTDOORS, to all you pyrotechnic chemist types, especially you (name withheld but everybody knows who I'm talking about!) Back to the lodge and munchies and music, talk, etc.

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Day Three (3): Sunday, 5 July

A very nice BRUNCH compliments of the National Youth Science Foundation from 9:00-11:00. During brunch, we will hold the "all alumni meeting" with a few words from NYSC director Paul Miller, and possibly some words from Joe Hutchison, NYSF President.

Next, "SEMINARS are us" plus final planning for the NYSC CAMP VISIT. Sign up for seminars with the 1998 NYSC'ers. We'll be providing the topics, and they will happen at camp once we arrive later in the day. Travel to Sunny CAMP POCAHONTAS at precisely 1 PM. We plan to arrive at Camp by 3 PM.

Prior to getting to camp, we must be unanimous on this: Say nothing about the future events to take place at camp. We need a carefully crafted phrase to use whenever a Camper asks about the program. Ideas? We will hand out slips of paper with the phrase and if we all use the same phrase, it will become a component of the next morning show at Camp! Everyone is encouraged to mingle with the students and if you can, hand them a business card for contact later!

We're having DINNER at Camp Pocahontas!! David Powden, the chef, asked to have us and is getting all the folks in the county to scrape up some road kill. (Honestly, David is really a fantastic cook, and when not enjoying himself at the Laura Dill Dining Hall, he is the President of the New Hampshire Schools Food Service Association and cooks at St. Paul's School in Bristol, NH). Also, if you are between the ages of 17 and 55, at NYSC you ate food made by Susie Wilfong Taylor. We hope she will be able to say hello to us, as she'll likely be in the kitchen once again!

REBOARD the Sleek and Shinys and thread our way back to Snowshoe for the evening. TBA night! Music and official awards for those special people that made this reunion the most memorable. Certainly, the most exciting seminar, the most remarkable event on an outing, etc., needs to be remembered for years to come.

We will have an auction of some neat stuph as well. First, you may wish to buy raffle tickets for the APPLE E-mate 300 Laptop computer. One of us (Zoon Nguyen WA79) has donated it for the event! You are most welcome to donate other items for the auction. The items include camp memorabilia such as an Atari Computer, a 1963 WV License plate, maybe even some of that government issue mosquito repellent, fire starter, and sunburn preventative (I think it was also good to lubricate rifles, seal leaks, and a full can made an excellent hockey puck). Everything must go! All proceeds to go to NYSC's future.

After these events, we'll say our first g'byes and turn in. (What we'll turn in to is optional.)

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Day Four (4): Monday, 6 July

Fly, drive, ride, walk, bike out. Vans will be activated with designated drivers. Aquautos and such will also depart. A few folks will stay at Snowshoe and answer the emergency line until Tuesday Noon. Lost and found items will be brought back to the NYSF office on Tuesday.

Why not book that room at the Greenbrier you've always wanted for the evening? Why not book that campsite in Greenbrier National Forest you've always wanted? In other words -- continue vacationing in West Virginia -- your next chance will be after the 40th reunion in 2003.

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Day Five (5): Tuesday, 7 July

Last contingent of IRS (maybe one or two of us) depart after settling any odd bills with the lodge. Cell phone service discontinues after noon.

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